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Web Site Development - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Arachne develops a customized plan for your web site based upon your business objectives and targeted users. We design your web site to meet your current needs as well as planning for your future needs.
Arachne emphasizes functionality first, whether you need a small online marketing brochure, online retail store, a secure intranet for your staff, or a secure extranet for information and transactions between members or business-to-business resources.
Because your web site is an important business tool, we consider a variety of factors in designing your web site, including:
  • Usability - We create user-friendly designs based on industry standards so that your customers can easily navigate and locate the information that they're looking for.

  • Professional Appearance - Our web sites are designed with a professional appearance. We believe that this is important, to provide your customers with a sense of trust and a good impression about your company.

  • Compatibility - We design for a broad range of users including various browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes. This ensures that your web site does not exclude potential customers.

  • Search Engine Friendly - Our web sites are designed to be highly visible in the Internet search engines. This helps potential customers find your web site when they're searching for your company, services, and/or products.

  • Dynamic Templates - Most of our web sites are designed using dynamic templates to simplify editing, future design modifications, and minimize costs.

  • Content Management - We carefully consider how content updates will be made as part of the web site design process. In this way we are able to provide our clients with the training and tools that will work best to meet their staffing and resource capabilities.

  • Printer Friendly - Our web pages are printer friendly. That way your customers can easily convert your web pages into paper format for future reference and use.
Arachne Web Technologies - Ann Arbor, Michigan
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